TikTok has become a global benchmark for businesses and brands. In other words, it lets people create a post of short-form videos posted by other users. 

There are several brands on TikTok; hence it might be tougher to find the specific ones to pursue. To make it simpler for the upcoming brands. We have planned to express to you some of our favorite brands that help you motivate. 

Who Uses TikTok?

Most of TikTok’s users are Gen-Z users; yet, it is beginning to grab the number of millennials. These numbers reveal themselves with over 37% of users from the U.S. who are digital residents.

TikTok is fascinating than any other social media platform. It generates over 315 million installations during the first three months of 2020. As a result, it is the most downloaded application in history. 

Possibilities for TikTok Brands

The statistics above are also appealing for the capable TikTok advertisers.  More brands need to attempt their best. Even though TikTok is free to download. Also, monetized by paid marketing ad campaigns and sponsored posts. Moreover, TikTok for business gives new extra qualities for TikTok brands. 

But, using paid advertising; anyhow, you could try to make a unique brand image with your videos. 

Do you know what brands work on TikTok and why you need to take a look at ideas? Let us get into the list and check the key point to reach success on TikTok using the brands. 

1. Guess

Guess is the world-famous fashion accessories house with thousands of trusted clients. Still, it doesn’t stop it from attempting to reach the youngest selected groups. 

Clients are turning knowledgeable; they need to check posts that they connect themselves. Guess reacts to these requirements by staying relevant to useful content. Guess’s videos share ideas about how people can spend their free time wearing nothing yet its products. 

Though Guess posts clips consisting of the professional models. It merges them with TikTok influencers’ content. Few video content is available on other platforms, which allows advertising. Guess consists of YouTubers and Instagrammers like Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera.  They use dedicated hashtags that users can include on their videos. Of course, these examples sound like buzzing marketing ideas, right. 

2. Chipotle 

Chipotle is a famous and mostly used TikTok brand, where you can review their ideas and plans. 

On Chipotle’s profile, you can look out for tutorials and tricks on how to eat their tacos that become viral. Like Chipotle, you can accomplish your brands’ visibility by buying TikTok views that drive more video views to your profile 

You can become famous for posting videos of using Chipotle’s product just like on how to use their delivery boxes imaginatively and amusingly. They also highlight comical content and repost their videos from their fans. 

Also, Chipotle targets to appeal not only the Gen-Z audiences but also to every older millennial. The Chipotle brand also combines with chiefs and dignitaries in the cooking field. 

3. Sephora

The well-famous beauty brands on TikTok: Sephora, where it can handle this platform as entirely possible. TikTok looks to be the ideal make-up accessory for Sephora as the platforms emphasize each angle of Sephora’s product. The brand functions with a few so-called beauty concepts, who are celebrities for make-up artists. 

Also, TikTok influencers share their beauty tips and reveal textures after using Sephora’s products, mostly aiming at audiences. Such a hack can acquaint the audiences with the consistency of a product despite using it, which might have an ideal result of producing online sales. 

Thus, Sephora’s videos are not skeptical factors as visually grabbing the audience even though you can’t smell through the internet. Sephora creates challenges where audiences reveal their perfumes that suit their outfits or mood. The brands start to experiment with new formats and plans, for example, producing their TikTok fans with special promotional codes.