YouTube Marketing statistics will exhibit the importance of video as part of your 2020 strategy. If you are already on YouTube, you may still need to check this out as we have stuffed it with important stats merely used in your B2B video promoting.

There are four type of YouTube statistics:

  • YouTube User Statistics
  • YouTube Usage Statistics
  • YouTube Content Marketing Statistics
  • YouTube Sponsored Video Statistics

Overview of YouTube:

YouTube is the world second largest search engine platform with more than 5 billion videos. YouTube is a huge platform for video content creators, and B2B brands such as share gripping stories, introduce new products and services, and give valuable information such as industry trends, projection, etc

A common misguided judgment is that YouTube is only for millennials. But as you’ll discover more seasoned grown-ups, Fortune 500 decision-makers and administrators are present, more than ever, dynamic on YouTube.

Let’s start the section!

1) YouTube User Statistics

YouTube has 2 billion clients around the world. Be that as it may, the as it were social arrange that has more month to month dynamic clients than YouTube is Facebook. These month to month dynamic clients are those who logged-in at slightest once per month. And it’s imperative to know as there are individuals who observe recordings on without utilizing Google Accounts.

2) YouTube Using More than 100 Countries

Since 2005, YouTube has launched nearby forms in more than 100 countries and offers back in 80 different languages covering 95% of the worldwide web populace. YouTube may be a worldwide marvel and social powerhouse.

3) YouTube fastest growing demographic:

YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms. Nowadays everyone is using YouTube ages between 18-49 years old. The common fact that YouTube is as it were for millennials isn’t genuine. In truth, YouTube observation time proceeds to develop among more seasoned audiences.

4) YouTube online video platforms:

Individuals may be observing less TV, but that doesn’t mean they’re observing any less video substance. Google detailed in 2016 that 60% of people observe videos online to live TV. As TV utilization proceeds to decrease, online video spilling develops each year.

5) New Products on YouTube:

Video can be a progressively popular device for getting your brand’s title out there. In spite of the fact that it isn’t essentially cruel if someone is planning to purchase your advertising, it can offer assistance to get your title out there. In reality, 90 percent of individuals say they find modern brands, services, and products on the stage.

Your target is engaging your audience with the happiest mind. Buy YouTube subscribers can communicate your video to the audience most likely to be passionate about it. You should target your audience using your content by their locations.

6) YouTube Generates Searches

The 3.71% of look share likens 3 billion looks a month. It’s a clear sign that individuals are searching for data and content online, particularly on Google and YouTube. This can be an opportunity for you as a B2B advertiser to supply your group of onlookers with the pertinent substance that can be found.