Instagram, namely stories, have launched a new super feature. It becomes more excellent news for businesspersons that they can use stories for their business well. It helps them to connect with a broader audience quickly besides spread information, data, or any other emergency information. Lots of advanced features are added in Instagram stories for making it more beneficial. Using Instagram stories for business can be a great idea for users as well as a dull idea. There are many pros and cons available of using these features which help users to decide whether to use it or not. 

Well, it helps them a lot to grow their business faster, besides achieving organizational goals quickly without getting stressed. Also, some businesses who are grabbing benefits from these features go to Buy Instagram Story Views. Don’t panic; you don’t need to find more pros and fake cons as here we are going to mention some real ones.

Features of Instagram stories

Here we are going to mention some advanced features that you need to know

·        Stories are live for 24 hours

·        You can see who view your story and when

·        Filter stories

·        Change setting from whom you want to hide the story

·        Choose close friends to send stories

·        Photos and videos can be used in combination

·        Post what you want

·        Save stories

·        Highlight them


See insights

Businesspersons can easily see the reaction, impression, effects of public, towards Instagram stories. If you are using a business account on Instagram, then you can see the insights otherwise not. Insights allow users to understand the impression of people who view the story, how much man considers the story, and how much women. Also, it will enable you to see locations, means from which city or state there is more number of people watch the story.

Reach broader audience

Posting valuable content on Instagram stories allow all users to attract the attention of the more general audience quickly. No doubt, engaging content makes the person excitable for watching it or viewing it again. Through Instagram stories, businesspersons can make a transparency of business with their targeted audience. It helps you to share thoughts, ideas, plans with the public quickly also get their views is it best or not. With the help of the polling feature, you can ask the public to vote for the right.


Disappear after 24 hours

 Like all other stories, Instagram stories also disappear after 24 hours automatically. If you want to spread important information in the broader audience quickly, then you need to make it creative enough. It disappears automatically, so users need to think about how to cover all the audience.

Don’t have a promotion

Among all other posts, you cannot promote Instagram stories through paid services. Well, till now any promotion option isn’t added in stories, but in future, it may become available. But users can Buy Instagram Story Views without doing any other promotion.

Hope, with the help of content mentioned above, you can decide either to use Instagram stories or not.