Twitter is one of the major social media across the world that enhances the active users. By using Twitter, you can interact and communicate with the customers in an effective way than other social media platforms.

Share good content

People can share your post and speak about you if you post great content. It helps to enhance your reach and the follower’s count. The effective way to understand the likes of your target audience is by using great content. If you post something on Twitter, it must be valuable to share with your audience. 

Make your tweets as short, pleasant, and add visuals if possible. People are using Twitter for their business to know about creative and great content to publish their posts. 

Don’t focus more on promotional

People are using twitter for several reasons, focus on research about brands and products. If you think and find the perfect moment for sale, add value to your audiences like some discounts or offers.

Write and edit

It is difficult to explain your posts in a few words if you are a good editor or writer, which helps to attract the attention of the people. 

Use Twitter Video

Twitter has a popular platform to share, watch, and talk about your videos online. Videos are useful to engage and entertain to get new followers. If you add videos in your tweet, you can get 28% more retweets. Create and upload your videos on Twitter that are relevant to your audience. 

Tweet questions

If you want to get more interaction with your post, you can buy twitter favorites in a short time.

The best way to get engagement is by asking questions with your audience. Ask people to send feedback about their products or service. Questions help to generate engagement, enhance the visibility of your tweet, to get more followers. 

Use Followerwonk

The Tool ‘Followerwonk’ helps to enhance the follower’s count, and Twitter bios help connect with the people to share their interests. Compare your Twitter accounts to find the new targeted influencers. Match the activities of your followers about what they like most. Optimize the social graph.

Reshare your content

If you want to create great content, you need money and time to provide value. If you have great content, you can make a discussion with your audience so that you can get new people. 

Create Twitter lists

The excellent way to communicate with people is by using Twitter lists to enhance the business. It helps to connect and make a conversation with people to follow you on Twitter. You can create and follow the list if someone has created it. If you want to grow your following, you can extract other’s lists.