Instagram is a competitive place because it has tons of creative accounts, tons of clever accounts, an ultra-smart algorithm, and one billion active monthly users. If you want to boost your following and grow your account, Instagram is a very competitive place. Here is how to get more followers on Instagram:

  • use Reels on Instagram
  • For search, optimize your profile
  • Create a series on IGTV
  • Be more diverse and inclusive
  • Work more with micro-influencers
  • Create shareable content and authentic content
  • Promote your Instagram content on other social media platforms
  • Write the caption more longer
  • Experiment with Lives on Insatgram
  • Create a viral Instagram game or viral Instagram challenge
  • Branded hashtag introduction
  • Sharing memes on Instagram that resonate with your followers and audience
  • Create a custom Stories fitter on Instagram
  • Collaboration with awesome brands and services on Instagram


You could be missing some great opportunities for your business and brands if you do not share Reels on Instagram. Reels is the newest video feature on Instagram, taking center stage of the main new navigation bar. Reels are used to recording videos up to 30 sec set to Instagram music. Reels on Instagram can be found in Instagram’s separate tab on every individual profile on Instagram (it is also known as the Explore page on Instagram). Instagram Reels have a chance to go viral seriously, similar to videos of TikTok. Users will see the Reels from all the accounts on Instagram instead of only seeing the Reels videos on Instagram because this is a good game changer. Sharing the Instagram Reel to both the Explore page and your feed page is a great way to increase your Instagram reach way beyond your audiences and followers and go viral possible doing so!

There are so many best ways you can use Reels on Instagram for your brands and business! If you need some inspiration to get started on Reels, check out the best 15 ideas for Instagram Reels here. It is a good idea to jump on Instagram since Reels is a new and creative feature. Instagram Reels is giving extra prominence on the Explore page and main feed.


Optimizing your Instagram profile for search is a major and underutilized hack for Instagram to get more reach and grow your following. Automatic Instagram likes is also an underutilized great hack. With the recent Instagram announcement, English language speaking users in various six countries will search keywords on Instagram. Instagram is a big game-changer social media application. Instagram notes that keyword searching is limited to general keywords and general interests within the community guidelines of Insatgram. You are changing your name field to something relevant to your business and your brand for taking advantage of your bio.


IGTV has become a great part of Instagram, and it is one of the top predictions. Creating a series on IGTV is the creative and best way to connect with your business, brands, and communities. It is the best way to reach more new audiences. Also, content based on videos makes it more attractive to your feed, and more engagement rate and video content may attract more followers and fans. Having an inclusive, diverse, and accessible Instagram account is not just the best thing to do, but it is the best thing to get more engagement rate and fans counting.