Instagram Reach: 5 Killer Tips To Get Unique Users For Your Account

Whether you have a business account or personal Instagram account, but your ultimate wish will be obtaining more visibility to your posts right. Well, visibility is not an easy thing that everyone can get. Usually, visibility can be achieved with new users’ help, having more followers, bringing bags of engagement on your posts. Even you can boost your sales.

Expanding your reach is the key factor to gain more visibility to your account. 

Reach refers to the number of unique users, have seen your posts. 

In this article, you will be learning five techniques to increase your engagement rate that help to reach your target audience. 

Keep An Eye On New Hashtags 

One of the mind-blowing ways to expand your Instagram reach organically and fastly is by using relevant hashtags. Remember, relevancy is more crucial on hashtags. If you add the right hashtags, it makes your post display in a new audience’s eyes. Especially, it will appear to the people who want your content. You will have the question of how to decide or choose that specific one is the right hashtags. Keep in mind that your hashtags must be a mix of trending, general, industry-specific hashtags. Most importantly, all your hashtags must be connected to your business or brands. 

Engagement Must Be Your Top Priority 

If your aim is to grow your Instagram reach, then posting engaging content is mandatory. When your content is more interesting, you will have more chances to receive more engagement. Don’t post too much promotional content that may annoy or irritate your audience. Moreover, it will lower your engagement. You can obtain more attention by posting videos, memes, gifs which are currently trending on this platform. You can also visit to boost your engagement rate. That way, you can raise your Instagram reach and get more exposure to your account. You have plenty of content to post, but ensure your audience will like it. If you have an idea to post videos, try all kinds of videos. 

Know Your When To Post 

Did you know? Your posting times decide your engagement rate. When you post at the best time, you will probably get more engagement and audience attention. Moreover, you can receive more reach and visibility for your account. You can expect more new audiences from the explore section. Listen, it’s not about one peak or best time; you need to publish your post at several peak times. Not all people will be active simultaneously; to reach everyone, you have to post at different peak times. Constantly analyze your content performances and insights to find better time and content to post. 

Do More Lives  

Normally, live videos have more excitement and expectation from your audience. People like the natural flow of content compared with the edited one. If you go live, automatically your followers get a notification, and also, you will have extra visibility on the explore tab. Going live is one of the most incredible ways to connect with your followers and gain more exposure. 

What About Instagram Ads 

Instagram allows you to use ads, which helps to achieve your objective or goals quickly. When it comes to Instagram ads, you have many options: single image ads, video ads, mobile app download ads, carousel ads, and story ads. Relying on your intention, budget, you can select your ad type. 

Winding Up

Instagram is one of the popular social media apps, which is the perfect stage to market your business. Increasing visibility will help you to take your account to the next level. We believe that these techniques will assist you to enlarge your Instagram reach.