One of the essential ingredients of any social media marketing strategy in TikTok marketing strategy for your products and brands is to target your promotions to your desired customers. There is a little bit point that will promote yourself to the audience unlikely to have interest ever or like in your brands or products. There would be a small point in the selling retirement of the villas by the real estate company advertising on TikTok or, for instance, on Snapchat. If you target the girls are in teenagers and the young woman in their twenties early, them it much makes sense that you have to include TikTok in your mix for marketing.

Although many older people don’t have heard about the TikTok, the app is loved surprisingly; indeed, it is the one the apps among which has most downloaded apps in the world. TikTok is a social media app owned by the Chinese. Its history is slightly evolving. In 2016 September, ByteDance launched its own social media video app, Douyin, in China. A later year, internationally, they expanded the app, remaining it outside of China in TikTok. The platform started to build the fast following, especially in Asia. It was the freest downloadable app in January 2018 in Thailand. While Douyin/ TikTok was the most favorite social media video-sharing app in the Eastern countries, and the other side  Musical.ly the Chinese owned app was held sway in the western states.

Musical.ly was a social network platform that released in 2014 that had allowed the creators and users to lip-sync short videos and comedy videos. American girls and women have particularly favored it, and they also buy TikTok fans to get more engagement. On 2017 November 9, ByteDance had spent up to $1 billion to purchase Musical.ly Musica.ly, and TikTok merged on 2018, August 2, for creating one big video community.

However, they have kept Douyin separate in China. Currently, TikTok is over accessible in a hundred and fifty markets, along with seventy-five different languages. This platform is popular hugely in both of the Google Play Store and Apple store and has been the Apple Store’s most downloaded app in the world during some months., in which the TikTok app inherited from the app Musical.ly,  argued still the most used feature of the app. From the viewpoint of the marketers, the main reason for using TikTok is to reach out to a future and current potential group of customers.